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Get to know Denison Ministries

Denison Forum exists to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective. Cultural apologist Dr. Jim Denison offers news discerned differently through The Daily Article, his daily email newsletter and podcast, and through books, interviews, articles, and more at

First15 is a daily devotional that seeks to provide believers of all backgrounds with a unique experience with God in the first 15 minutes of their day. First15 is designed to help readers have an encounter with God that leads them to a sincere search to love God and others.

We created Christian Parenting to give you the practical and spiritual help you need, on as many platforms and in as many ways as possible. Hundreds of thousands of parents are being transformed by our resources every day, and it’s helping people set aside perfection and actually grow into the perfectly imperfect parent they were made to be.

Foundations with Janet Denison exists to teach people about the transforming power of Scripture through digital Bible study. We are dedicated to helping people learn how to study the Bible and apply God’s truth to their lives.

Christians should have the resources they need to shine the light of Christ already within them. No amount of inundation or distraction from the world should be able to crowd out the light of God moving in, through, and around us.

And through the connection between meaningful content and technological innovation, we can resource and equip Christians on devices they already use with the encouragement they need in the moment. And the world will change as God’s people are resourced and transformed. Because…

Christ-centered content transforms lives.
And transformed lives transform the world around them.

You are impacting lives around the world.